New Orleans, LA, United States
Creative. Intelligent. Talented. Youngmind. (C.I.T.Y) was born David Paul Baptiste, Jr. on September 6, 1988, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He first discovered his musical talent at the age of 10, which flowed deep in his bloodline. C.I.T.Y was influenced by his Great Grandfather Louis Barbarian and Great Uncle Paul Barbarian who were both considered "Founders" in the jazz music movement during the 1940s. C.I.T.Y.'s musical bloodline links him to musical icons such as Darren Brazley, Stanley Clarke and Chris Severin.

The Child Of Kony2012 Produced by Y.Influence

C.I.T.Y.'s Public Service Announcement

C.I.T.Y. - Devil In a New Dress

Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yesterday C.I.T.Y. Was determined to join the campaign of Kony2012 as young people around the world come together to stop the wrongful doing children happing in
uganda Africa. C.I.T.Y. connects with producer Y.influence to create a powerful song titled The Child of Kony2012. you can hear it below also posted are the lyricss

The Child of Koby2012
Artist: C.I.T.Y.
Producer Y.Influence

Verse 1

Look in his eyes
What you see?
He lost his soul
How many lil kids living just like he?
We gone walk this path
Let you feel his feet
Understand his pain
Emotions drain and your mind so weak
They take you from your home in the middle of the week
While your parents lay dead in the middle of the street
But you so young you don’t know no better
Then suddenly you standing in the face of the devil
And he speaks those words
Welcome and fight that erg
Giving you them drugs
That will kill your mind and become that master in which you serve
Six years old with and automatic weapon
Brain washed mind understand you a killer
You know it ain't right but it’s all you know
And the futures not bright everyday it gets thinner
With no identity
You kill your people
They rap your sisters and feel no evil
Look to the sky saying lord can you save me
I don’t want to live I just want to be free this world is to crazy
You say why me
Why I’m in this hell
School is in session bringing your guns to show and tell!

1st course
Jacob talks

2nd verse

Choppers that fire so rapidly
Aim when you reaching your panicles
Force to dismember the face of your enemies
Cut off their heads and chop off their genitals
You just want to be free live like a kid
In the comfort of peace
Eyes running dry as you fall to your knees
Losing your faith to adapt to disease
Environment calls
You’re getting use to the hype of it all
Tonight is the night where you ending it all
Walking around with a gun in your draws
And you just 13
Yeah you just 13
Hunger and poverty killing your dreams
Plus you never had school
You can’t even read
Right about now you just a machine
Losing your mind forgetting your means
Right about now you’re just a machine
Losing your mind forgetting your means
And they ask about a future
What the fuck is that?
You think you better off gone and never coming back
Lawd I send my prayers to Uganda
This is Kony2012
The modern day Rwanda
I think about life sometimes as I ponder
How could I doubt a blessing?
Or let my faith wonder?
(Jacob talks again)